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Save the interpersonal drama for your friends and family members, because your boss doesn’t want to hear about it. He certainly doesn’t want you to be a tattle tale, and he doesn’t want to know about how much you dislike your coworkers. Unless someone you work with has made a major violation of company policy, or a big mistake in their work, keep your personal grievances, well, personal..

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She averaged a few tweets a month starting in July, and on Election Day she took to Twitter to urge people to vote for her husband. Permanent resident in 2001 and a citizen in 2006. She took a break from full time modeling to go to college for a year, then returned to the profession afterward.

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We’ll also be presenting the Georgia Premiere of as cheap tickets celine dion las vegas ICE GLEN by Joan Ackermann. This play is a romantic drama, set in 1919, about a reclusive poetess who does not want her poems published, and the editor to tries to persuade her otherwise. It’s a beautiful play, immensely charming, touching and very funny..

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The personal essay is more than a diary entry for the masses. You probably don’t want people to read your journal as is, but chances are, having a literary magazine say that they want to publish your feelings, opinions, and observations sounds pretty darn good. The trick is to move past the egocentric style of a journal entry to create a narrative tale others can relate to.

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