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Non banking financial companies (NBFCs), also known as shadow banks, have suffered a blow ever since a liquidity crunch brought to the fore various issues affecting the sector. As Finance Minister Arun Jaitley tables the interim Budget in Parliament on February 1, analysts will keenly scout for any announcements on the cash starved sector. From management reshuffles to open market operations, the central bank and the government have time and again announced measures to rescue the non banking financial companies.

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Fully understanding that education is good for the individual and for society, perhaps a bit of research relevant to future job opportunities should be conducted before anyone assumes a large debt that is based more on a hope and a prayer than on reality. But after Monday TMs practice, Capuano still wasn TMt totally convinced. Stay in it only in inclement weather.

To sign up, simply enter your Pinterest username, choose a PinReach username, and fill in your email and your desired password. Once you confirm your new log in information through your email, you will be able to view how your PinReach score (similar to a Klout score) or influence on Pinterest has changed over time. With this information, any user can figure out how to best increase user engagement on his Pinterest page and up his overall influence across the site..

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