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It’s this kind of theology that makes its way into countless self help books, including the sensation of “The Secret.” Will yourself to have something, and you will have it; picture yourself in a beautiful house, and God will provide. Many megachurches preach a prosperity gospel, the idea that God wants us to be rich, and if you aren’t, it’s through some fault of your own. By tithing to the church as much money as possible, you show your faith in the Lord and it according to the church will return to you, the parishioner, a hundredfold..

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Replica Bags Wholesale The issue is that while these big companies will be impacted, they likley have the means to “pay to play”. As an owner of a cloud hosting provider with under 2 million in revenue, I cannot afford to pay Comcast what Amazon or MS Azure, or Google can, which puts my hosting company at a signifigant disadvantage if a cloud server from Amazon gets priority over mine. If my clients have a bad experience through no fault of my servers/infeastructure, they will switch to a provider that has priority on the network they use and I be at a signifigant disadvantage. Replica Bags Wholesale

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