The company has also supplied cement and concrete solutions to

Hermes Handbags Slag, a by product from the steel manufacturing process, has similar properties to limestone, making it an ideal solution.While the use of this extender substantially reduces the carbon footprint in production, it allows for the same level of strength; therefore Hermes Replica Handbags , the concrete is not compromised. Moreover, there is an added benefit of less waste, as the slag is used for something useful instead of being discarded.AfriSam was also the first company of its kind in Southern Africa to install plant equipment to reduce emissions. For example, at its Ulco operation, close to Kimberley, in the Northern Cape, the company installed baghouse filter technology.The company has also supplied cement and concrete solutions to several Green Star rated buildings, most recently, the Alice Lane and Alexander Forbes buildings both in Sandton, and both four star rated.Other elements of the company environmental protection focus are the rehabilitation of limestone quarrying sites, and the implementation of biodiversity programmes to ensure that, when the company closes a site, it is in a position to rehabilitate it.Further, the company is conducting ongoing research to ensure that the fauna and flora of a specific area are protected, especially if these are endangered and/or protected by law.will take a collaborate effort from everybody involved in the building industry to make sure that sustainable practices become a part of everybody DNA, as is the case with AfriSam, concludes Van den Berg.. Hermes Handbags

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