The pair may deserve their fates

canada goose ATM Receipt With $1 Million Balance Shows Tale Of 2 Cities In New York Jim Edwards Apr. 23, 2013, 12:14 AM OK 80% off canada goose parka , so a lot of rich people live in New York. We know that. It’s not news. But it hits home in a non-abstract way when , if you’re not one of the very rich, it’s rubbed in your face at your local bank. These two ATM receipts were discovered at a local Chase bank by my old colleague Tony Case, the special reports editor at Adweek. He gave me permission to publish his photo of them. They show that someone recently withdrew $300 in cash on a balance of $1 million, just after someone else tried to withdraw $100 on an account that had insufficient funds. We don’t know why one client is a millionaire while the other is broke. The pair may deserve their fates. Or not. But we do know that extreme, fixed, inequality is a recipe for disaster in a society that claims to be democratic and socially fluid. We’ll leave it to you to debate the merits. Here’s the evidence. The pauper and the millionaire at the same ATM: Tony Case / Facebook SEE ALSO: This Man Cheated eBay Out Of $5 Million And Now Faces 20 Years In Federal Prison canada goose parka