The problem is that we refuse to treat women as adults capable

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official canada goose outlet Famous and Best Mexican Actors and Actresses George LopezGeorge Lopez is considered America’s King of Mexicans. He is a comedian, actor, canada goose outlet eu and talk show host. He canada goose outlet new york city is mostly known for starring in his self produced sitcom George Lopez. This problem isn’t just about Rihanna, and you don’t have to like her or follow her music to care about supporting women’s choices. The problem is that we refuse to treat women as adults capable of making their own decisions and mistakes, that we paternalistically govern women’s lives (in public or in private), that we obsess over what they do with their bodies, that we lord over them by public forum and blame them for not being perfect. We say we care about women’s choices, and if we do, we need to stand in solidarity by using this moment to start meaningful dialogues around the systemic issues women face. official canada goose outlet

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