The rumor that he was black is false

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buy canada goose jacket The excitement started as soon as Pope Francis’ plane touched down and his motorcade moved into the city of Rio de Janeiro. At one point the pope’s driver got confused and entered an area where throngs of Brazilians surrounded the car, reaching out to the pope who seemed completely unfazed by the mayhem. Over the next few days, Pope Francis visited hospitals, prisons and a favela, or ‘slum’, earning himself the momentary nickname ‘Slum Pope.’ Yet on the beaches of Copacabanna, the Pope seemed more like a rockstar as millions of young Catholics came to take part in the Mass. buy canada goose jacket

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Canada Goose Online In preparing for what would become his life’s work, Wayne M. Meyers served in the Army in the Pacific during World War II, received two doctorates, attended theology school, studied French and held two medical internships. Perhaps most important, he never lost the inspiration he felt as a child when he heard tales of missionary life canada goose outlet parka while attending a Methodist church in rural Pennsylvania Canada Goose Online.