There is a dearth of research that directly tracks school

So 2017 should be a year in which many preconceived notions of normality fall by the wayside, and yet another ‘new normal’ becomes established. The implications are potentially staggering for everyone, but none more so than the individuals charged with making sense of it all. If ever there were a time for businesses, multilateral organizations, NGOs and governments to become more risk agile, it is in this new vision of the world, which may become unrecognizable a year from now.

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Of greater interest is who will police the bans. Most County Board officers will not get involved. They generally are a lot less powerful than county managers and even if they have all the power in theory it is the exact opposite in practice. There is a dearth of research that directly tracks school segregation as it relates to voucher programs. Potter’s study looks at available data from programs around the country and overseas and finds that these programs tend to slightly exacerbate issues of segregation, although the record is certainly uneven. This can happen when white students use these programs replica bags to leave schools where they are in the minority and go to schools where they are in the majority.

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