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canada goose factory sale I’m no bible scholar; but as I know, there’s nothing in Christian scripture that mandates that everyone (non Christians included) say “Merry Christmas.” I don’t recall that Jesus of Nazareth told merchants that thou shall put up manger displays. But maybe I just missed those passages that Fox “News” seems to be using as support for their annual promotion of the “war on Christmas.” There’s a Baptist preacher, in Texas, who has set up a “Grinch list” website which serves to “educate” folks in the community about those businesses that will get coal in their stockings and free one way trips to the “Lake of Fire” for their disrespect to Chinese made plastic baby Jesus, Santa, elves, candy canes, toy soldiers, and snowmen. Good Christian and Christmas warrior Gretchen Carlson gave a warm welcome, this canada goose jacket outlet uk morning, to this Christian fellow so that the Fox audience will know which businesses to avoid canada goose factory sale.