Those declared eligible for central counselling by the CBSE

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perfect hermes replica Candidates were earlier being admitted to these universities based on their JEE hermes evelyne replica (Main) scores and counselling at each of these universities. Those declared eligible for central counselling by the CBSE and placed in the merit/rank list prepared by the CBSE based on the score in JEE (Main) 2014 (with 60%weightage) and normalised score in Class 12 or other qualifying examination (with 40% weightage) would be eligible for admission to BTech programmes of IGDTUW. About replica hermes belt uk 85% of the total seats are reserved for candidates belonging to the Delhi region which refers to students passing the qualifying examination from recognised board/college/institution located within the NCT of Delhi; 15% seats are for candidates outside Delhi region.. perfect hermes replica

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