Those were valuable years where I could have learnt a lot

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One doctor, who prefers to remain unnamed for fear of backlash from other doctors, admits to injecting human placenta essence by request in small quantities on the face and body. But “the patient has to bring in her own supply”. He also has not seen any adverse side effect as a result.

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It is ridiculous to assume that even a fantastic fighter can take that much punishment. The some holds true to a lesser extent for clerics, thieves, and the other classes. Thus, the majority of hit paints are symbolic of combat skill, luck (bestowed by supernatural powers), and magical forces.”Great job, exactly what I was hoping to see in the comments section.But I had a rant building on this subject for a decade now, because it one of those cases where an attempt at a diegetic explanation for a game mechanic just ends up opening a bigger box of worms (and the same applies to all the video games that steal that logic).You can interpret this as either:”An attack that does damage might not physically harm you at all, but you still need time or magic to regenerate the luck/magic/skill[???] that were burned off,””Luck, magic, skill, etc are all effective multipliers to your literal physical health”The mechanics practically require the latter interpretation because of all the special attacks that can, eg, drain blood or inject poison if they do even 1 hit point of damage.But healing, whether by magic or time, were still in absolute numbers, meaning that the same amount of damage becomes a life threatening wound to a level 4 rogue and a barely perceptible scratch to a level 16 one both require the canada goose outlet 2015 same strength healing spell (I guess she applies all her luck and skill to resisting the healing spell) or the same week of recuperation.The healing problem can be mitigated by making recovery speed based on constitution or total hit points (as in 4e); though I read designers argue vehemently against this based on what they perceive as exponentiating the utility of HP or constitution.