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The teenager said he did so as he never liked going to school. As per the police, the accused has confessed that he killed the boy on Tuesday to eat victim fleshThe accused, 16 year old neighbour and distant relative of the victim, reportedly told the police that he ate flesh from the victim thigh and also drank his blood after he committed the crime. The boy body was found in six pieces crammed in a sack lying at a vacant plotHe reportedly also told the police that he removed the victim heart from his body and threw it on the premises of his Holy Heart Senior Secondary School, Mata Nagar, with a view to bring a bad name to the school.

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high quality replica handbags My boyfriend and I had a mutual break up. He lives in the UK and I live here. We only saw each other once or Replica Bags twice a year, but kept in constant contact whenever we could. Fletcher said the crash was public safety professional worst nightmare. Said police were interviewing the bus driver to determine what happened and told reporters later that investigators were looking at speed very strongly as a factor. The bus was the only vehicle involved but the crash scene covers a significant area, he said high quality replica handbags.