We're updating our privacy policy #GDPR pic

canada goose Tags GDpARty GDPR See other tags Tags 13 tweets that show we’re all done with GDPR already How many shite newsletters did we subscribe to!? By Rachel O’Neill Friday 25 May 2018, 9:00 PM May 25th 2018 gigglegeek.dk , 9:00 PM 5,453 Views 1 Comment http://canada goose jackets uk/4033597 Share Tweet Email TODAY IS A momentous day in Ireland as finally we are set to become GDPR compliant. It means that all those privacy policy emails you’ve been receiving do actually mean something and that we’re set to have a little more control over the data companies have on us.It’s a very serious thing that a lot of us are struggling to get to grips with. Here are some of the best tweets showing us why we really should read ALL the terms and conditions.The emails have been coming thick and fast.We're updating our privacy policy #GDPR pic.twitter.com/wdxtU6urJX— Ireland Simpsons Fans (@iresimpsonsfans) May 24, 2018So. Many. Emails.Trying to delete #GDPR emails like… pic.twitter.com/eZpqSS2OVF— H3roes&Vi1lains (@H3roesVi1lains) May 25, 2018But it has made cleaning out our inboxes much easier.This #GDPR is like a giant UNSUBSCRIBE button and I am here for it.— Caitríona Daly (@caitrionadaly) May 24, 2018We’re starting to think EVERYTHING has a privacy policy.How much do we all love GDPR? 😡😬😴 #GDPRday #GDPR pic.twitter.com/rIZuRzH5qH— Katharine Crawford (@KathCrawford) May 24, 2018Be gas if drug dealers had to adhere to #GDPR "I really appreciate your custom gigglegeek.dk , please opt in for future content – Anto x"— Enda Conway (@EndaConway) May 24, 2018They are the greatest band who ever lived and revolutionised music but by god they’re #GDPR compliant pic.twitter.com/B9jYeR30pa— Ciarán Delaney (@ThisIsCiaran) May 24, 2018But where were the posters for it?Why wasn't GDPR a referendum? The posters would have been brilliant "Every child deserves a taxi company remembering their route home""Hello privacy, goodbye Apache pizza knowing your favourite toppings""Trust women to remember your birthday, not Facebook"#gdprjokes #GDPR— Alan Lambo Lambert (@alanlambodublin) May 23, 2018We still have some questions about it.Do #GDPR regulations apply to sliding into DMs?— Aaron McGrath (@AaronKMcGrath) May 25, 2018Is it safe to send an email today? #GDPR #GDPRday pic.twitter.com/t6NRaLsRva— Stephen Finnegan (@SFinneganIE) May 25, 2018At least there’s doughnuts.we take GDPR very seriously in this office pic.twitter.com/FXLtKutadg— dearbaisghair (@bitnch) May 25, 2018And cookies.Dear god. I've accepted more cookies than this lad on the Internet today. #GDPR pic.twitter.com/6VYcirymjf— 📻 Ed Smith 📻 (@edsongsofpraise) May 25, 2018And maybe a party?Someone out there who runs a bar/nightclub missed a trick by not having a GDPaRty in Dublin #GDPR— Rob Timony (@RobTimony) May 25, 2018But hey at least it makes us feel wanted.I’m taking genuine pleasure in all these companies begging me to stay on their mailing lists #GDPR #YesThatsItGrovelYouPeasants— Nicola Galvin (@HerNameIsNki) May 24, 2018canada goose outlet is on Instagram! canada goose parka