What would Lash say to a decision reached last week by the

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uk canada goose Finally, we are left with the question of what to do today. On Lash’s view, the Constitution today would not prevent the government from performing eugenic sterilizations, prohibiting the use of contraceptives, outlawing private schools, criminalizing same sex intimacy, or, to borrow one of his own examples, forbidding people from selling shoes. What would Lash say to a decision reached last week by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, which upheld canada goose outlet a nakedly anticompetitive restriction on non dentist teeth whiteners in Connecticut? Writing for himself and another judge on the panel, Judge Guido Calabresi claimed that a “simple preference for dentists over teeth whiteners” would canada goose outlet jackets be a sufficiently “rational” justification for constitutional purposes, even if the challenged rule did nothing to and was not designed to protect public health.. uk canada www.pick-canadagoose.com goose

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