When you reach 0 hp, you don die, you run out of energy to

Uncharted has interesting explanation for Drake’s bullet sponge

Or you know. a deliberate choice for rhetorical hyperboleSo upping jet engine accidents to trips through the entire jet engine and canada goose outlet seattle reducing canada goose jacket outlet store seemingly deadly accidents to “light breezes” are literal examples of hyperboleIts like saying “there are a million reasons” when theres canada goose outlet boston really only several the point in using hyperbole there is to canada goose outlet usa emphasize canada goose jacket uk that there are alotThe point of using it here is to illustrate the dichotomy of examples of human survivability and therefore how weird we are as a speciesYou got that DND explanation wrong though. HP is a measure of your ability to make what could have been a lethal blow into a not so much one through technique. Whether this is by turning away from the blow, blocking most of the force with your shield/sword, “going with” the blow, raising another part of your body to block the blow, etc.IMO, this makes perfect sense. These are the mechanics as written. The default assumption throughout the designing of the game canada goose premium outlet is that HP loss equates to actual, literal damage. The idea that its a narrative abstraction is a relatively new one, that the game mechanics are not built for, and thus almost immediately begins to clash with all of them in turn. The larger the number the more energy you have to work with, and the more damage you can sustain before succumbing to however brought you to death door, and must be stabilized or finally die. When you reach 0 hp, you don die, you run out of energy to stay conscious and pass out. Only until your health goes negative beyond your constitution, which is your physical fortitude, then you fail to keep your body living and die.As someone with rocky health, this makes sense to me. It a numerical value attributed to your healthiness. It can be lowered based on your constitution, or injuries you may have sustained; for example, say you have a disease that cripples your immune system, which puts your fortitude at risk, or you have a serious back injury that can incapacitate you if enough damage is done to you. HP is the measurement of life energy a character has, and their constitution is a number describing how well their body can function in a physical endurance sense.This answers questions and curiosities about healing, because the HP is relative to the character. It isn canada goose outlet in toronto a strict “this is canada goose outlet your bodies percentage”, it a more canada goose outlet winnipeg address lax and loose “energy pool” that keeps you conscious and more importantly alive. Sleeping usually heals you, which affirms the whole energy idea. A typical man at arms can take about 5 hit points of damage before being Killed. Let us suppose that a 10th level fighter has 55 hit points, plus a bonus of 30 hit points for his constitution, for a total of 85 hit points. This IS the equivalent of about 18 hit dice for creatures, about what it would take to kill four huge warhorses. It is ridiculous to assume that even a fantastic fighter can take that much punishment. The some holds true to a lesser extent for clerics, thieves, and the other classes. Thus, the majority of hit paints are symbolic of combat skill, luck (bestowed by supernatural powers), and magical forces.”Great job, exactly what I was hoping to see in the comments section.But I had a rant building on this subject for a decade now, because it one of those cases where an attempt at a diegetic explanation for a game mechanic just ends up opening a bigger box of worms (and the same applies to all the video games that steal that logic).You can interpret this as either:”An attack that does damage might not physically harm you at all, but you still need time or magic to regenerate the luck/magic/skill[???] that were burned off,””Luck, magic, skill, etc are all effective multipliers to your literal physical health”The mechanics practically require the latter interpretation because of all the special attacks that can, eg, drain blood or inject poison if they do even 1 hit point of damage.But healing, whether by magic or time, were universeinsync still in absolute numbers, meaning that the same amount of damage becomes a life threatening wound to a level 4 rogue and a barely perceptible scratch to a level 16 one both require the same strength healing spell (I guess she applies all her luck and skill to resisting the healing spell) or the same week of recuperation.The healing problem can be mitigated by making recovery speed based on constitution or total hit points (as in 4e); though I read designers argue vehemently against this based on what they perceive as exponentiating the utility of HP or constitution. In 3rd they at least give it a fraction of a nod by adding a bonus to natural recovery based on level.And of course, it doesn offer any in universe justification for the person that can fight at full speed, full strength, until one last nibble canada goose parka outlet uk by a rat sends them crashing into unconsciousness.Honestly, I don see why the answer, for D at least, couldn have just been, “It a world literally saturated in supernatural power, and it a simple fact of life in that world that as you grow more skilled in your way of life you get more durable than a natural human.” Not that that would help explain Drake. (Actually I do know the reason D went that way, and it was Gygax strong resistance to that kind of speculative fiction style of fantasy, his preference for a low magic sword and sorcery setting, where magic had no presence in day to day elements of life at all.).

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