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Tag me bitches. We are going to slaughter TCU next week. We are going to beat OU. Process costing makes it easy to offer estimates or quotations, it deviates from the standard product, or allowing options for any value added service. Process costing also helps to fix standard costs of production, the accumulation of all costs and transferring them to units as average costs raise the possibility of concealment of inefficiencies in process. Process costing makes evaluation of the efficiency of individual processes or productivity of an individual worker difficult..

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First, Acua second half stint in the leadoff spot has to be near the top of what we can expect going forward. He hit 8 leadoff home runs last year, and the most for a season is 12 (in the NL, 13 for the AL). Extrapolating his pace over an entire season would mean he would crush the all time record, so to expect his pace at the top of the lineup to continue would be banking on MLB history.

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