“, “Why would Whyte accept a fight that doesn make him

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Hermes Bags Replica That is no small achievement given the trials and challenges of recent years in the Conference.”But we all know we need to raise the ambition, but sensibly. We can’t, and never should never take mid table stability for granted; equally we all want Cambridge United to be challenging for promotion and then playing in League One and maybe even higher.”Our aspirations must be higher.He added: “From disability sports and lunch clubs through to active science and mental health in schools, the Club is showing the true power of sport to drive social change in what is the most unequal city in the country.”It is a fantastic achievement. We are ambitious to do much more and a new stadium, as an event venue and a meeting place is the key to unlocking our ability to do that.”Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterDaily NewsletterallMost ReadMost RecentView from the press box: What went wrong for Joe Dunne at Cambridge United?Read our Cambridge United reporter’s view on the sacking of Joe Dunne. Hermes Bags Replica

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