Yesterday, Steve Wilson, the former Chief Councillor of the



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Today Elmer Derrick, the cheap moncler jackets sale former Chief Negotiator for the Gitxsan Treaty Society, is now ‘persona non grata’ with the BC Liberal Party. Yesterday, Steve Wilson, the former Chief Councillor of the Haisla Kitamaat Village Council, went to court and complained he also was ‘persona non grata’ with the BC Liberal Party. These two gentlemen moncler jacket sale are the perfect examples to demonstrate how the Canadian and British Columbian government operatives are systematically finishing what the British traders and Residential Schools started; the final destruction of everything traditional in First Nations life.

moncler outlet sale When Gordon Campbell was Premier of BC these two men and Wilson could be seen visiting with him frequently. They became ‘Card Carrying’ members of the Liberal Party and they were always invited to join with the Cabinet Ministers and influential members of BC’s highest corporate levels including Milton Wong. They were courted and pampered, made to feel important and one of the insiders. In turn these men did as they were asked and they were rewarded with unchecked funds and promises of many things. They believed they were now untouchable. moncler factory outlet moncler outlet sale

buy moncler jackets In September of 2007 everything changed for the Haisla Nation as Steve Wilson began taking directions from Gordon Campbell. Wilson told Campbell he would deliver the Haisla Hereditary Chiefs consent moncler outlet jackets on the BC Hydro/Alcan/BCUC electricity purchase agreement. And Campbell promised Wilson he would ‘green light’ two IPP hydroelectric plants on Haisla territory. buy moncler jackets

cheap moncler outlet The Haisla Hereditary Chiefs and members of the Haisla Nation then tried something similar to what the Gitxsan did this past Monday. They held a traditional Court, charged and convicted the Kitimat Village Council with fraud and treason against the Haisla Nation. After this the KVC made a Band Council resolution to sue the Hereditary Chiefs and those who were assisting them. And that is when Wilson complained about being “Persona non grata” with the BC Liberal Party; after the entire affair finally hit the BC Provincial Court in 2009. Take this extract from a report on the trial proceedings on Moncler Outlet October 7, 2009; cheap moncler outlet

“Later he claimed, after a letter was circulated charging him with treason, the government officials began ignoring him, refusing to answer his calls, “treating me as persona non grata.” He claimed they were ignoring him at the Hotel and lounge and refusing to return his calls.

moncler sale The cheap moncler coats defence demonstrated his new non grata status was due to the release in the legislature moncler sale outlet of the letter he wrote to the Premier demanding the Premier fulfill his end of their private deal. See the letter HERE. moncler sale

He stated he felt it turned around when Milton Wong contacted him. Milton Wong is recorded as a director of Alcan and a chairman within the largest bank, and the sixth largest company in the world, HSBC.”

Read the entire report of the October 7, 2009 proceedings here.

Just like the era of the Residential schools, some Indians just want to be liked by the Priests and the Nuns. They will do anything for them, even cheap moncler turn in their own family and friends to be seen as one of the favoured.

And this is how the Internationalists are playing all First Nations communities in the Northwest from the Tahltan through to the Haisla. The Gitxsan are only moncler outlet the latest to take some action, to realize the truth.

moncler outlet online We should all be thanking Elmer Derrick and Enbridge. This is the wake up call. moncler outlet online

This year the BC Supreme Court, with the Campbell moncler jackets outlet Government newly appointed Justice Punnett, ruled moncler outlet store against the Haisla Hereditary Chiefs; claimed the forgery wasn’t. He even misrepresented in his ruling what was clearly stated and proven in the trial. Here is an extract from a report on September 30, 2011;

monlcer down jackets In paragraph 78 on page 20 of the 261 page decision, Justice Punnett states the signature stamp was not used on the first copy of the letter when the testimony given on October 1, 2009, was that it had been and that even the lawyers for the KVC, Donovan and Company stated it been used on the first draft of the letter. monlcer down jackets

“As it developed, the stamp was not used on the first copy of the letter.” wrote Punnett

moncler sale outlet Read the entire report on this court ruling here moncler sale outlet

moncler outlet The Haisla are currently registered to appeal Justice Punnett’s ruling but unlike the Gitxsan they are a very small Nation. Even INAC and Northern Affairs Canada has joined in to make the final crush on the traditional values and life of the Haisla by agreeing to the Kitamaat Village Council’s request to be renamed the “Haisla Nation Council” as if they were the true and only representatives for the Haisla, that the Hereditary Chiefs have no standing. Read a report on this and find a copy of the letter from INAC stating they have changed all legal documents to reflect the KVC is now the Haisla Nation Council by clicking here. and Read how the BC Government is now running with this concept in their own news releases here. moncler outlet

cheap moncler moncler outlet uk coats moncler outlet online This was even testified to in the Court proceedings. KVC Councillor Keith Nyce was adamant. cheap moncler coats

cheap moncler jackets When asked, “Does the Kitamaat Village Council have to answer to the Hereditary Chiefs?” Nyce answered, “The Kitamaat Village Council has gone out of there way to accommodate the Hereditary Chiefs.” He was then asked, “So, the Kitamaat Village Council does not ultimately answer to the Hereditary Chiefs?” Nyce states, “In that sense, yes [we do not answer to the Hereditary Chiefs.]” cheap moncler jackets

But Steve Wilson played the ball differently when he produced cheap moncler outlet the fake document for the BCUC Hearings in 2007. He stood in front of the commissioners with the letter containing the fake signature and stated, referring to the 4 signatures on the document, “These are the true Hereditary Chiefs and they are the ones I answer to.” But then, immediately after he used them for his benefit, he sued his Hereditary Chiefs and their helpers for exposing his and his Councils fraud in a defamation lawsuit.

moncler outlet store Today the Hereditary Chiefs of the Haisla Nation live in poverty under the weight of huge impending debt as Justice Punnett levelled some of the harshest penalties he could against them. He even went further stating the KVC members could write and say what ever they want against the Hereditary Chiefs and their helpers; defame them in any manner they wished, but the Hereditary Chiefs and their helpers are forever forbidden from uttering a word. moncler outlet store

And that is what this is all about. The BC Government along with the use of the Courts is attempting to discredit and destroy the only entity standing between the internationalists and the complete control of the lands and resources; the Northwest First Nations Traditional Hereditary culture.

cheap moncler It is time for them all to stand as one, together, united; as, just like the Haisla, they will be picked off one at a time. The Tahltan have all but fallen and it is their territory that secures the headwaters, the source of all the water flowing into the Stikine, Iskut, Nass and Skeena Rivers. The BC Government wishes to allow Fortune Minerals to dig out all the Coal Fields, which are filtering this water. Royal Dutch Shell is planning to perform Coal Bed Methane drilling and fracing in the same region, the Klappan next to the Spatzizi wilderness Plateau. This will destroy all the rivers, all the salmon habitat and hence all the West Coast life. Enbridge is nothing compared to what is about to happen in the Klappan. cheap moncler

Everything precious is at stake and the division of each and every First Nations community, one from the other and internally, is the key to the success of the BC and Canadian Governments in securing this territory for the international corporations to do as they wish.

moncler mens jackets Stand together, strong and proud, arms linked in solidarity, or fall like bowling pins. Today the Haisla need everyone’s help to defeat the judgement of Justice Punnett. Tomorrow who knows, the incursions are coming from every direction moncler mens jackets.