Yet he leaked documents during the trial to journalists that

All the A class prisoners would be brought into a big hall where we would meet them for half an hour.When he was kept in Trichy jail on an earlier occasion, we used to go to Trichy by train, stay there, meet him for half an hour and come back.My mother even visited him when she was eight months pregnant with my sister. I was 11 years old then.The Quit India Movement was so revolutionary that the police did not allow any meetings with the prisoners. Earlier, they used to even censor the letters.

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JESSICA HUDSON is a 24 year old social psychologist. She has an M Phil from Jesus College, Cambridge, and is working there on her PhD, supervising undergraduates and teaching psychology to A level students at a nearby school. Respectable credentials, but not enough in themselves to explain why she retains the services of a public relations agency who have in the past fortnight fielded more than 100 inquiries about her future ambitions and availability..

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