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canada goose factory outlet Very often, guests tell more great stories than we have time to include on the radio, and into that category fell a lovely remembrance that Patinkin offered of Andre the Giant, canada goose outlet las vegas who played Fezzik, and who died in 1993. He describes their first meeting, and how the canada goose outlet online store next day, Andre seemed to be a different person: “I thought he must’ve had padding and make up on and everything, because he looked normal to me the second day. And I realized nothing had changed. canada goose factory outlet

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canada goose outlet canada (Separately Wednesday, The Guardian reportedthat Vote Leave and BeLeave both used the same data sets to target Facebook users, indicating a higher level of coordination than previously realized.)Wylie also says Cambridge Analytica enlisted the help of Black Cube, an Israeli private intelligence group, to conduct espionage work in Nigeria.And Cambridge Analytica has numerous ties to Russia. In 2014, Alexander Nix, Cambridge’s CEO,met with executives from Lukoil, Russia’s second largest oil company,to discuss the firm’s political work in Nigeria and elsewhere.The firm was also in contact with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange,though Feinstein acknowledged Wednesday that “the extent of Cambridge Analytica’s connection to WikiLeaks and other Russian interests” isn’t clear.Wylie said Cambridge Analytica also engaged with contractors who had advanced pro Russian messages in Eastern Europe, at one point collecting data on how Americans viewed canada goose parka outlet uk the leadership style of Russian President Vladimir Putin and what their thoughts were on issues “relating to Russian expansionism.””There was a lot of contact with Russian companies that made it known this research was being done,” Wylie said. “A lot of noise was being made to companies and individuals who were connected to the Russian government.”Armed with enough data points from Facebook, Wylie said, Cambridge Analytica could target people remarkably well canada cheap canada goose goose outlet canada.