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Reevaluating how we eat and use land and natural resources cannot be overlooked. Growing grain to feed livestock for meat now takes up 30 percent of the earth’s land. Deforestation in the Amazon has led to Brazil suffering water shortages. It’s not that they’re hypocrites; they just don’t see what everyone else sees. They might play favorites, be tough to work with, or receive criticism badly. And they aren’t alone, as TalentSmart research involving more than a million people shows that just 36% of us are accurate in our self assessments..

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In any organization, the way one department operates is influenced by other parts of the company. So in order to reduce the complexity, a business owner must be constantly questioning why work is done, and how it can be done more efficiently. Once you have drawn up your flow chart, you will probably start to observe that there are a number of extra and unnecessary steps involved in your company’s operations..

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