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We Should Draw On Tradition To Nourish Our Kids

cheap designer bags replica The school meals were also unfamiliar, a far cry from the traditional food many of our parents and grandparents had hunted, High Quality Replica Handbags fished or harvested. Food was used as a weapon in the schools, including as a form Designer Fake Bags of punishment. If you misbehaved, it could be taken away from you. cheap designer bags replica

This history of poor nutrition in Indigenous children, starting with colonization and worsening through the residential schools, has continued to today. Designer Replica Bags Much like abuse, as Fake Designer Bags we’ve found in our research of the residential school system, poor nutrition passes on through the family. If you aren’t fed properly as a child, you will not promote nutritious food to your own children. This is how habits are formed; we feed our children the way we were fed as children. And on it goes.

aaa replica bags We’ve been led to poor nutrition through history, habit, availability of poor choices and marketingToday our communities are faced with Replica Handbags additional challenges around supporting their children to eat Replica Bags well and develop healthy food habits. aaa replica designer handbags For example, in isolated communities, healthy food choices are limited and expensive. Unhealthy choices are Handbags Replica abundant and heavily marketed, which is true in all communities across the country. Pop and other sugary, high fat snacks line our store shelves, usually at our children’s eye level, and not surprisingly, this is the first thing they want. aaa replica bags

replica bags from china This has led to some negative effects in our communities including high rates of type 2 diabetes, obesity in our children and other health complications. I remember an older man speaking at a traditional gathering summing it up replica Purse well: “The day we started getting sick was the day we started hunting on Replica Bags Wholesale the shelves.” replica bags from china

designer replica luggage We’ve been led to poor nutrition through history, habit, availability of poor choices and marketing. designer replica luggage

high end replica bags Now we need to go back. There is richness in our traditional teachings, cultures and ways of life Wholesale Replica Bags that still have instructions for us. It’s time to reflect on these traditions and take a holistic approach as we move forward. high end replica bags

high replica bags We need to repair the flow of traditional knowledge from parents to children that has been damaged, and in some cases, severed due to the residential school system. We can do this by helping to educate our young parents about healthy eating and cooking. high replica bags

best replica designer bags We also need to make changes to our present environment. I have challenged schools and community centres to remove pop machines and other unhealthy replica handbags online choices. All communities should have access to affordable healthy Replica Designer Handbags food. Special efforts should be made for our remote communities where food costs are high, and more nutritious items can be the most expensive. best replica designer bags

replica bags Celebrities and athletes have long been used to market Fake Handbags food and we can do the same by having our own First Nations role models promote healthy lifestyles wholesale replica designer handbags to our children. replica bags

best replica bags online More from HuffPost Canada:These Books By Canadian Indigenous Women Will Broaden Your PerspectivesTrudeau Promises To Help First Nation Reserve With Housing ShortageCanada Is Carrying Out Cultural Genocide With A SmileLegislation cheap replica handbags to prohibit junk food marketing to our children would protect them and promote better food and drink choices. Bill S 228, currently in the House of Commons, is expected to pass this year. best replica bags online

replica wallets Canada’s Food high quality replica handbags Guide is undergoing revisions and this is an opportunity to consult with Indigenous leaders to ensure it’s culturally relevant and reflective of our First Nations, Inuit and M teachings. replica wallets

In the old days, our chiefs would look ahead to see what replica handbags china was coming so they could warn our communities, find a solution and protect them. Now is the time for all of our Indigenous leaders to do the same. Treating illness is important, but we need to KnockOff Handbags shift more of our focus on wellness and prevention by advocating for change at all levels to ensure all our children enjoy long, healthy purse replica handbags lives.