Another thought in the back of my head was get back and win a

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hermes belt replica aaa Her shirt best hermes replica handbags was off, her pants zipper was broken and her underwear was visible.Close by, a balled up white shirt and belt were found, with ligature marks on her throat matching those of the belt, showing that she had been strangled.Stites was officially reported missing at 7am that morning, after her luxury replica bags mother Carol received a phone call from a co worker that Stites never showed up for work and that Fennell’s red truck, which she was supposed to be driving, was found birkin bag replica abandoned in a school parking lot 10 miles from her body.Carol immediately called to inform her daughter’s fianc, who she says was sleeping in the apartment the couple shared above her home. Fennell then rushed out of the house to aid high quality hermes birkin replica in the search for his girlfriend.The case went cold for nearly a year, and during that time Fennell himself was never taken seriously as a suspect, with investigators saying the timeline didn’t pan out.Lead investigator Lynn ‘Rocky’ Wardlow said Fennell wouldn’t have had enough time to kill his fiance, drop her body, park the car before it was first spotted at 5:30am, and then walk the 30 miles back home to birkin replica answer a phone call about her disappearance at 6:45am.’Logistically speaking, it was not possible,’ Wardlow said.However, Wardlow was also the person who decided not to search the couples’ home, and Fennell was never questioned about what he and Stites did the day before her murder.We have to stand up and say, look, there are too many questions to execute a man without them all being answeredJudy Mitchell, cousin of murder victim Stacey StitesSuspiciously, Fennell also proved deceptive during a polygraph test in which he was asked to detail his whereabouts that morning and if he had strangled his girlfriend.From there, the state built their case around Reed, saying he somehow overtook Stites on her way to work, assaulted and strangled her and then dumped her body on the side of the road. They say he then abandoned her truck in a school parking lot and ran to the nearby home he shared with his parents.Dating: hermes replica blanket However, Reed argued that the two were in a consensual relationship at the time and that the DNA could have been from when they had sex two days priorWhile Reed at first denied any knowledge of Stites, by the time the case went to trial in May 1998, he admitted he was having an affair with her behind Fennell’s back and that the sperm found inside her was from when they had consensual sex two days prior. hermes belt replica aaa

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