Contemporary Western diets have an abundance of the depression

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best hermes replica More Evidence Links Diet to Depression By Rick Nauert PhDAlthough the evidence is preliminary, a unique study suggests consumption of fast foods may be linked to depression. In a new review, Australian replica hermes mens wallet researchers studied Torres Strait Islanders, indigenous people living on islands in the area of the Torres Strait.In a natural experiment, James Cook University researchers found that among the Islander people, the amount of fish and processed food eaten is related to depression.A JCU research team led by Professors Zoltan Sarnyai and Robyn McDermott looked at the link between depression and diet on a Torres Strait island, where fast food is available, and on a more isolated island, which has no fast food outlets.Dr.asked them about their diet, screened them for their levels of depression and took blood samples. As you expect, people on the more isolated island with no hermes replica singapore fast food outlets reported significantly higher seafood consumption and lower take away food consumption compared with people on the other island, he said.The researchers identified 19 people as having moderate to severe depressive symptoms: 16 were from the island where fast food is readily available, but only three from the other island.with major depressive symptoms were both replica hermes birkin 40cm younger and had higher take away food consumption, said Berger.The researchers analyzed the blood samples in collaboration with researchers at the University of Adelaide and found differences between the levels of two fatty acids in people who lived on the respective islands.level of the fatty acid associated with depression and found in many take away foods was higher in people living on the island with ready access to fast food, the level of the fatty acid associated with protection against depression and found in seafood was higher on the other island, said Berger.Berger explains that the concentration and type of fatty acids is an important variable.Contemporary Western diets have an abundance of the depression linked fatty acid (n 6 PUFA) and a relative lack of the depression fighting fatty acid (n 3 LCPUFA).countries with a traditional diet, the ratio of n 6 to n 3 is 1:1, in hermes birkin mirror replica industrialized countries hermes replica it 20:1, he said.Sarnyai shares that depression affects about one in seven people at some point in their lives. best hermes replica

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