Do this by scanning their post history etc

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Unlike a typical criminal trial, in which the burden of proof was on the prosecution, Hamlet’s defense team had to convince jurors that Hamlet was insane based upon the preponderance of the evidence (rather than beyond a reasonable doubt). Lowell’s team convinced three of the jurors that Hamlet was insane, and managed to hang the jury. You could call it a win..

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“We have recorded complaints from 1997. There were KSPCB hearings in 1998 and the factory was asked to produce a report on how they were going to reduce the pollution they were causing. Nothing was done. We had spent most of that money on her trips to South Africa to see her “sick mom” I have no idea if this was the case or not to this day and putting her through college, so when we divorced all I had was my initial savings. It was in the UK so no fault divorce she went for half of my savings, plus wanted me to compensate her for lost earnings while she studied (at my expense). She didn get everything she wanted, but she had no shame she went for the lot.

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