For the victimization of women to end

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Replica Bags Wholesale I think people on reddit think we worship them as gods or something.I dont believe in vigilante justice, but in the US if you started destroying and invading a persons property, the owner may well be in there right to shoot you in some states.Edit: Kids, you need to stop downvoting a comment and posting things that arent in the article without sources. If you feel this was a muslim attack, post an article so we can read it. Don throw a temper tantrum at me.ALWAR: It took Alwar police more than three hours to travel 6km while taking a critically injured victim of lynching, Rakbar Khan, to the nearest hospital, the Community Health Centre in Ramgarh, on Saturday.The police on Sunday were hard pressed to explain what took them so long to bring the victim to the CHC. Replica Bags Wholesale

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