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My favorite exercise that usually chases away any blocks is to submerge myself in nature. Just dissolve into nature. This morning, I got into my car and drove to my favorite spot at the beach where I find it easy to meditate and get deep under, you know, where all the good ideas are hanging out.

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These behaviors have likely made you aware of your weight and the impact your plan is having on weight loss. This is good; observation and awareness are key tools of a scientist to gain understanding. Your weight loss probably resulted from not eating snacks before bedtime and being more active.

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I’ve even observed sales and service personnel begging for a positive rating, saying, “I’m going to get in trouble if I don’t get a 10. Can you help me out?”A major financial services company found that their well intentioned use of an average call handle time metric backfired severely. Rather than solving the customer issues with readily available information, agents would hang up on customers as they approached their call time limit.

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