Hurt like being hit in the forehead by an ice hammer

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canada goose clearance sale Cat gets a brain freezeNow brain freeze, also called the cream headache, is a real phenomenon, and scientists have theories abouthow it works. For oneexplanation, go here, and for a general overview canada goose outlet uk sale go here.You survived being hit between the eyes by an ice pick? Wow!I had the hammer end of an ice hammer ( about 8th post here) whack canada goose outlet winnipeg me in the forehead one time when the ice was a lot thinner than it looked and the pick bounced back. Hurt like being hit in the forehead by an ice hammer, but was nothing like an ice cream headache.If I knew where Runtissimo was these days, I ask him what it like getting the sharp end in the cheek, but that was through falling off the back of the LandRover and much anaesthetic had canada goose outlet real been taken beforehand. He should have stuck to caving.Well, slightly above the eyes but in the middle, and a really canada goose outlet toronto factory intense, sudden, sharp pain for perhaps 15 or 20 seconds. I wonder if that is what this cat is experiencing, though, because it goes right back to licking the ice and seems to have no further problem. If it were the same kind of pain I think it would show more distress. Somebody told me it helps to press your tongue against the roof of your mouth to warm it up. Some people never experience this at all and think it is mildly amusing, but it is really unpleasant, if brief.Oh, He fine. When it hot, I keep his coat thoroughly soaked with my own supply of drinking water (often with lots of ice) while we on the trail. If he starts panting, I know I haven buy canada goose uk beennearly aggressive enough with the water and, by canada goose factory outlet toronto location now, I can recognize when he starting to feel the heat even before he starts panting. I get in trouble long before he will, and I got enough decades of experience in the heat to know when my own temperature is starting to rise.The ice cream would just be a special treat, not something to lower his temperature. Humans enjoy that sort of thing, so why shouldn a cat?proper foot care for non human animals, too!If you wouldn walk barefoot on whatever you walking on remember canada goose outlet store toronto that cats and dogs have twice as many feet to hurt. And their paws are a significant canada goose outlet mississauga fraction of their cooling systems, too.When the temperatures get high, the desert sand can be more than a cat should be spending much time on, but not so hot that it a problem if Baihu wants to get off my shoulders and walk for a bit which he sometimes does even in the canada goose uk site heat. But a concrete sidewalk would be a problem even for that canada goose outlet online uk much, and asphalt could cause near instant burning.If canada goose outlet vip Baihu were more of an urban walking cat, I investigate booties for him as it is, my shoulders are all canada goose outlet parka the protection he needs from the heat of the ground.Ah, yes. heat. Suckers an awful lot of newbies think they just fine because they not sweating. See? Dry shirt. Thing is sweating bullets at first, save canada goose outlet phone number it evaporating faster than it can accumulate. Then they dehydrated before they know it then their sweating starts to slow down because there nothing left to sweat then their body temperatures start to skyrocket, but they only feel a bit uncomfortable and think they can keep powering through it then collapse, with death potentially not far behind. Heat exhaustion is common and instantly recognized by people with experience, and easy to recover from lots of water, find shade and take a break if possible, back way off on the exertion level regardless. And easy to avoid by staying on top of the water in the first place. But heat stroke is a medical emergency, and the transition from heat exhaustion to heat stroke can happen seemingly in the blink of an eye.then, the worst of it is that we get at least several weeks of monsoon conditions, where the temperatures are well north of 100, often still above 110 we get lots of humidity. Maybe not as much humidity as in Florida or the Midwest, but the temperatures are way higher canada goose coats uk than than they ever see there. And that when you really have to watch out, canada goose outlet online store review because evaporation might not be enough to cool you no canada canada goose outlet goose outlet vancouver matter how much canada goose outlet michigan you drink. You can keep going with elevated body temperatures, but you have to really pay lots of canada goose outlet uk fake attention to your condition and be ready to call it off in a real hurry.I was reading a collection of JBS Haldane essays in which he several times referred to his father proving (in the most direct way possible) that a human being can survive air temperatures up to 80degrees Centigrade for a half an a dry canada goose shop uk heat! Well, yeah. That does make a difference, canada goose vest outlet but having worked under the Arabian desert Sun at 50 centigrade, canada goose outlet london uk I canada goose outlet reviews do not want to repeat the experience.Being on a relatively cool Persian gulf island at 38 degrees when the tail end of the monsoon rolled in and took it from 20% RH to 80% RH in a matter of minutes is another experience I don particularly want to canada goose outlet seattle repeat. Unless you canada goose outlet new york city pay me quite well.You actually kinda lucky to have canada goose outlet london survived. By the time nausea sets in, you in deep shit since you probably haven been drinking enough water to have the fluids to spare.One time I gotten to the nausea stage, sometime not long after canada goose outlet locations in toronto the turnaround point on a rather long bike ride. Found some shade, was barely able to rest and force myself to drink too warm water 20 minutes or so later, I was able to get back on the bike and made it home at a pace that can only be described as extremely relaxed.In medical school I had a lecture in which an anatomy professor discussed the freeze. His theory was that it had to do with vagus nerve stimulation in the esophagus (due to the cold). The vagus can have various effects on the autonomic nervous system, including heart rate, vasodilation/constriction, etc. I think he may have been on to something. I like the vagus theory better than the sinuses theory. Maybe I should do an experiment to see if holding cold stuff in the mouth without swallowing has the same effect canada goose clearance sale.