I would point you to this CATO institute study on deaths from

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Therefore people crave it and want more of the least healthy foods to get the same effect. People don’t want to know about it. It’s a hidden addiction, not quantifiable to many people and easily ignored! When I cut sugar from my diet I absolutely crashed and could hardly function for about 2 days not to mention pacing the house with cravings for longer.

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The Home Body is a person who does relative almost nothing outside the home, but carter to all house related work, sleep late, watch television and if you ever mention dining out you would hear a protest on why do we have to go out when we have so much fine food here. They tend to maintain a clean and tidy house environment and are always dressed neat even when staying home. Although they will go out occasionally and when they do, they are back home early instead of late, plus if they have a job after work, home is the first place they head to and you can nearly always find them at home during the weekends..

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