It seems any solution to a problem in Sweden pretty much has

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uk canada goose outlet One weekend, I take a night train to Austria. I end up in a 4 seat sleeper cabin with three Swiss guys canada goose outlet los angeles about my age. We hit it off, talk for hours, and eventually canada goose careers uk I find out that one of the guys goes to Brown University in Rhode Island. It seems any solution to a problem in Sweden pretty much has to be thought up and tested by our own establishment, no matter how succesful even our closest neighbors may have been on the issue.Like most countries only have legal/illegal as canada goose outlet vancouver legal categories but in Dutch law “condoned” exists which is nominally illegal canada goose outlet store and the lawbook prescribes a punishment except that the official policy which isn actually in the law book but everyone knows it all the same is that it will never be enforced; like it doesn happen at all; you have no risk of it even going to trial.Basically this helps to strike a compromise with the parties that feel that by making it legal you lend “moral support” but they can accept keeping it nominally legal whislt de facto illegal; this construct made a lot of compromises possible. Culture of not leaning on other people to seek help, the culture of bottling up emotions inside and “taking it like a man” instead of talking to family or friends, the culture on intolerance to drug users where they are shunned and disavowed. There also a reason why Scandinavians have historically always drank a lot of alcohol.Take your pick the pan Scandinavian culture could possible be part of this, imho. uk canada goose outlet

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