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He said all that stuff. Plus he keeps going on and on about how he not attacking the actual feminists, just the “extremist” feminists (that regular feminists also criticize by the way). But anyone who experienced with this whole issue knows that it is extremely common for MRAs and the like to only criticize the “extremist” feminists to create a narrative that those people represent mainstream feminist views..

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The first thing I liked about this app is that they make it very easy to navigate through. The black, simple background and white text make it easy to look at and read. Once I took my first picture I was amazed. The iPhone and iPod Touch have several different book reading apps, two of the most popular being Kindle for iPhone and B (Barnes and Nobles). However, both of those apps have received average to low appstore reviews. 200 Great Books is a unique eBook reader app that has gotten countless positive reviews.

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“White genocide” (mockingly referred to as “mayocide”) is a term coined by white supremacists who are scared of shifting demographics and becoming a minority. It is about being out bred or inter bred into irrelevancy. It does not refer to violence against white people.

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