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Matt Brook is looking to build on a great freshman season for Ocean City after putting in eight goals. Senior Jimmy Flukey is the team’s returning leading scorer with nine goals. Andrew Tomaino will be key for Ocean City’s success as well. It’s almost impossible to stop a determined thief, but preparing to respond quickly can save victims most of the time, expense, and stress of an identity theft. Daniel has experience in engineering, operations, analytics, and product development. Previously, he founded a variety of ventures that worked with companies such as Disney, AT and the National Science Foundation..

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There do exist renewable plastics that aren biodegradable but also aren a derivative from crude oil. They still can be marked as “green plastic” even though they still linger for a very long time in the environment. Their only plus is the fact that they have less of a CO2 impact or are CO2 negative (which is good) when compared to oil derivatives..

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