People are making claims that they are cashing in on their

Birth Certificate

canada goose uk outlet birth certificate. People are making claims that they are cashing in on their birth certificate to pay bills, such as, electric, gas, water, even buying houses and cars. created the Federal Reserve Act. government was allowed to borrow and put into circulation. In 1933 Franklin D. canada goose outlet london uk Roosevelt was unable to pay the debt. The country became bankrupt and the only thing he had left to sell was the citizens of the United States. That’s right. certificate of live birth is supposedly worth anywhere from 700,000 to 1 on dollars. Lets take a look at the birth certificate, at the bottom, it will read (American Bank Note Company). canada goose outlet black friday sale Notice on your birth Certificate your name is written in all capitals. The controversy explains, your name written in all capitals means, YOU, are a corporation. If you look at your Drivers license and Social Security card, your name is in all capital letters as well. canada goose uk outlet

The birth certificate is the governments document of title for its new property. citizens are considered slaves to the federal state and local government. The good news about the conspiracy is, the United States is a company. Your birth certificate is worth canada goose premium outlet close to a million dollars and can be loaned out from a bank as many as 9 times, making your birth certificate worth almost 9 million dollars. There are claims that every American has a prepaid account worth 1 million dollars. The controversy also insist you can regain control over your prepaid account by simply filling out a notice of lien against the birth certificate with the dept. of commerce to prove establishment. Contacting the secretary of state and filling a UCC 1 financing statement and listing the property as collateral on the statement. canada goose outlet in toronto The value of your UCC 1 should be unlimited. Well i don’t know if the controversy is canada goose canada goose outlet jacket outlet toronto true or not, but if their is any way my birth certificate is worth 1 million dollars, then its worth filling out a UCC 1. If anyone is working on this process, or has been successful please leave info, thanks. Too bad we have computers now because instead of paying the person for their so called hard earned labor, companies would rather employ a pre programmed computer and fine tune it to perform more quality canada goose parka uk work and also more quantity. People will start dying of obesity and laziness, people who walk alot tend to live longer than those that don’t, “medically scientifically proven” yes that is the truth my friend. Go to the gym to workout, sure cell phones and computers are fun to play with, but it sure isn’t helping your physical health, everyone should find some time for calisthenics, work your way up to the gym, once u canada goose jacket outlet uk get in the gym start with dumbbells, bring a friend to spot you when you go to bench press squat, build your physical strength up you will see results never before seen or imagined by you. The mind is also a muscle, ask your doctor how you can exercise it u will go far my friend. Thanks for reading, Mike.11 months ago

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Listen up, the only way you can cash your certified copy of live birth is by (firstly) perfecting its ownership. Authenticating it must be done first (State Federal levels). That turns your (copy) onto an original. Than you must file a public affidavit of ownership. Only after youve done these, can you take that bond to a bank window and “cash it”. I’m 37yrs old. Mine was only worth $33k. Your signature is what’s worth the millions. It gets complicated, but you must become your own agent in commerce by becoming a Secured Party. Than you are your own line of credit.15 months ago

So what’s the latest on your findings, did you successfully complete the ucc 1 and get a canada goose outlet authentic lien against your birth certificate? There seems to be people on the net now charging others on how to do it and I just wanted to here how far you have made it with the process?15 months ago

Can you sell someone else’ BC? Years ago, I won an auction bid for one of these abandoned rent a space crates. And in the crate, I found someone else’ BC. I tried giving it back to the owner through Facebook, but they never responded back. I actually tried several times, but never got a response. I have both their BC and SS card. Please lmk because I’m very interested. Thanks.

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