People just want that type of security knowing they bought the

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I think the real issue here is people dont want to rely on the internet for a SINGLE PLAYER game. You can pop in your old PS2 games in your PS2, and bam you are playing the game. People just want that type of security knowing they bought the physical game, and that they own the whole game..

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Few principles are as central to democracy and the ideals of the American Republic as majority rule. Though James Madison and his colleagues in The Federalist acknowledged the necessity of protecting the rights of minorities, the course of our nation was to be determined by the will of the majority. No other system consistent with democracy would prove workable..

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“Zimbabweans I know I’m Zimbabwean we’re ululating all around the world and we are celebrating,” journalist Michelle Faul told Weekend All Things Considered, “but we need to be cautious. This is not a revolution to bring reform. This is about an internal ZANU PF coup to ensure that ZANU continues its one party rule of Zimbabwe.”.

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