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moncler jackets outlet This is about promoting even endorsing highly addictive platforms of entertainment via another. I would argue that removing the endorsements would make the scene healthier.If you mean you are worried about the cash flow and financial viability of the scene, after removing betting platform endorsements and sponsorships, then it’s a conversation in itself, I agree.I could never use the word concern myself because I do not have a vested interest in the scene (I imagine you do not either, in the same way a sports fan doesn’t actually have a vested interest).I don’t really have a view on whether they should be ‘cut out’ either that seems to be a discussion in of itself, also.Banning betting platforms from sponsoring teams, and teams from endorsing them, is a positive action in my opinion. I look forward to seeing what industry looks to fill that gap whichever it is will have struck upon a great opportunity.EDIT: moral to this response is don’t worry about the finances. moncler jackets outlet

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