Remember how people are calling Ellie “Wolf” in the gameplay

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Maybe It’s just me, but do you guys think maybe this is what Joel looks like in the LOU2? With the long hair and all? Cause it is quite obviously him, with the guitar canada goose gilet uk sale and stuff. Plus, anybody notice the wolf? At first I thought it might of just meant, “oh cool, nice wolf”, just for the aesthetics, but I’m thinking there’s a lot more to it then that. Remember how people are calling Ellie “Wolf” in the gameplay trailer? Almost like she earned it, cause she has a reputation of sorts? I don’t know about you, but what this poster says to me (it’s the official outbreak 2018 poster, btw, in case y’all wondering) is that maybe Ellie is the wolf, and she is either staking/protecting Joel from something? Maybe Joel is the “hate” talked about so much by the developers, and Ellie is hunting him down. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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