This is a subjective balance that is hard to define and

How should I respond to this

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There are many definitions of the word atheist, and no one definition is universally accepted by all. There is no single definition of atheist or atheism, but various accepted terms. However, within non religious groups, it is reasonable to select a definition that fits the majority of the individuals in the group. that is it godless. However, there are fewer people here who hold this position, so if you are addressing this sort of atheist specifically, please say so in your title.

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Be Respectful Reported as: We only live once: Be respectful, be honestHow should I respond to something like this?

Mature people separate their beliefs from their identity.

Children attach their beliefs to their identity, and feel like when you correct a math problem they wrote, you insulting them. Adults should realize that their beliefs are incidental to who they are. You can attack my canada goose outlet black friday most firmly held beliefs all you like, and I won feel personally attacked at all.

That one of the biggest problems with religion: it deliberately makes people identity dependent on their beliefs, canada goose outlet in chicago rather than the other way around (your beliefs should be analyzed and determined by you).

canada goose clearance I would say this “I hate many things in the Bible. I hate the character of a god who would drown all humans but one family, that would kill hundreds of thousands of Egyptians, including babies, for not letting a people “go” then give that people laws of how to hold slaves. I hate a god that would tell his followers to commit genocide and not spare the infants. I hate a religion that convinces people that such a book is helpful in learning how to be moral. That suggests that justice for not being convinced a person survived his own death is to be eternally tortured or snuffed out for eternity. I hate that you are a good person, better than your religion, that you think you need this or that it true. I wager your most cherished beliefs are not those distinguished by your religion. I bet your most cherished beliefs are things I believe too, that what is good and moral is what reduces suffering and makes people canada goose clearance

comfortable and happy, that most people are good, but face challenges and temptation, that love and service to your fellow humans, family friends is the best way to live, charity, kindness, bravery, are good values. I wager that your beliefs that Jesus resurrected, or that we are all damned by an ancestor sin compared to the above, are not your most cherished beliefs.”I would have responded with “Exactly.”

canada goose uk black friday I don’t hate people for their beliefs. Personally, I don’t think belief is a choice. I’ll respect you as a person but just know that canada goose outlet canada goose outlet in toronto if you have a stupid belief I have the right to criticize it. Especially when those beliefs are informing public policy. If you can’t justify your beliefs with evidence then canada goose outlet in new york you shouldn’t expect to be taken seriously. canada goose uk black friday

Your unjustified beliefs cause discrimination against homosexuals, scientific illiteracy, evolution denial, climate change denial, etc.

If some child rapist had a “cherished belief” that children deserve to be raped, ask your friend if they would respect that belief. If they say no, then ask why not? They’ll probably respond by saying that belief is harmful. Then you respond by saying that religious belief is harmful as well.