What I would see is the physical aspect of it: There are two

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Hermes Belt Replica Is Shashi Tharoor wrong in saying that the BJP is turning India into a Hindu Pakistan? Is he wrong in saying that the BJP will change the constitution? Should Shashi Tharoor regret his statement? Should Rahul Gandhi apologise for Shashi Tharoor? Will his statements be exploited by the BJP/RSS to polarise society on religious lines? As a political activist, I fail to understand why there should be a hungama over his statements. India is a democratic society and Tharoor has every https://www.aaahermes.com right to assess, analyse and offer his inference about the regime which is in power in India. He has not abused anybody like Hindutva forces do on a daily basis, he has simply drawn an analogy and spoken his mind Hermes Belt Replica.