I, personally, feel that if we continue to help some of these


buy moncler jackets Head down to Gators Night Club, this Saturday Sept 26th for a fundraiser in support of the HOP Outreach Program CIRCUS HAS COME TO TOWN Fundraiser opens its doors this Saturday at 9pm. buy moncler jackets

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moncler sale outlet This event is strictly charity with all proceeds going to the All Nations Centre where low income moncler factory outlet families and homeless may receive a nutritious meal and access to required/requested support programs to assist them in taking positive steps towards their futures. moncler sale Cheap Moncler outlet

moncler outlet sale HOP is sustained through donations and fundraising events and is in need of assistance in order cheap moncler outlet to continue operation. moncler outlet store Amazing funds raised and congrats to everyone who won their silent auctions! moncler outlet sale

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monlcer down jackets Comment by Jennifer on 25th September 2009 monlcer down jackets

But your marketing program is misleading the public about cheap moncler coats what your fundraiser is all about.

The truth about the reality of the program or it help in it providing.

moncler outlet moncler outlet store Is moncler outlet uk this program is needed? Did you personally know your clients are doing to our gateway to our residential horseshoe area? But you are supporting a program you have no moncler sale outlet idea how it impacted our family. moncler outlet store

cheap moncler coats This program you are fundraising for is irresposibly run and managed. 2500 people to a 1/2 partime employee that is never on location never At the program to monitor volunteers or clients and their negative behaviour. cheap moncler coats

cheap moncler https://www.moncleroutletmall.com jackets I don moncler outlet online do drugs or sell them but your program attracts this activity and your sponsors need to know the truth and not listen to the slick marketing campaign about how wonderful you guys are doing. moncler outlet sale cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler outlet I suggest that if you really want to help 2500 homeless people in cheap moncler jackets sale Terrace that your sponsors and supporters adopt each person to hang at your house for breakfast, lunch and dinner. cheap moncler outlet

This is where I live and choose raise my family. Your program opened it doors with out respectful conversation from you guys to us, the moms and dads who live here.

moncler sale To say we look down on our neighbours is a kick in the face when we are nothing but good to our neighbours and we are united in our feelings to the negative and criminal element your program has attracted to our community with no one steping up too take responsiblity for the illegal drugs and theft activities on our corner. I hear what you are all saying. I don like seeing drunks staggering around the streets either, just this week we had a drunkin man come in and commited theft moncler outlet jackets in our store. HOWEVER, all a lot of these people want is help. It wouldn hurt to lend a hand once in a while. We aren physically handing these people cash so they can go moncler sale purchase drugs and alcohol. We are helping raise money so that they will have a warm place and a nutritious meal throughout cheap moncler jackets the winter. I, personally, feel that if we continue to help some of these people who have lost hope may see hope once again. Again, I appreciate all of the positivity that has come out of this fundraiser. We are not forcing anyone in our community to come and give their money to what we feel is a good cause but maybe instead of fighting an endless battle we can all pull together and help one another. Thanks for hearing me out. If any of you change your mind Saturday is going to be a great time with great people. Come on down to Gators at 9pm for a good show moncler sale.