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best hermes replica Indrani Mukerjea’s son and her former driver.Why would a son, living 2,810 km away from Mumbai in Guwahati, Assam, keep in constant, steadfast touch with his mother’s driver, whom he had met about four times?Even nearly three years after the driver was no longer working for his mother? A driver the son claimed to be scared of.Not because a man should not be friendly with someone from the driver class no, no, not for parochial class prejudices, banish that thought but because it was a tenuous connection, at best.These were the absurd inconsistencies Indrani’s lawyer Sudeep Ratnamberdutt Pasbola bit by bit uncovered, in his distinctive approach, on Thursday, August hermes replica handbags usa 23, at CBI Special Judge Jayendra Chandrasen Jagdale’s Courtroom 51, Mumbai city civil and sessions court, Kala Ghoda, in the Sheena Bora murder trial.Mekhail didn’t deny the number of calls he and Rai exchanged.He just said, “Kiya hoga (Might have done so)” without hermes belt replica aaa providing any additional details.Or clarify further why they had had this intense level of interaction, apart from what he hermes birkin replica aaa said on Monday that Rai would call up to ask how Mekhail was handling taking care of his ailing grandparents.In Rai’s testimony last year there was no concrete explanation either of the reason for continuously being in touch with Indrani’s son.Pasbola, who had been slowly playing up the abnormality of this association over the past few days, finally strategically utilised it on Thursday to drive a firm, hard to ignore wedge of suspicion between the court and Mekhail, so you hermes replica belt looked up once more into the face of this 28 year old man and reassessed him yet again.While closing his cross examination, in a surprise rat tat tat AK 47 style attack, he swung towards Indrani’s son and accused him of conspiring with Rai to do away with Sheena.Pasbola, choosing slightly unusual words, announced loudly: “Mera yeh kehna hai ki aap dono conspire kar ke aap aur Shyamvar Rai Sheena ko gayab kar diya. Disappear karne ka replica hermes ring karan aap ko unka property hadpne ka tha! (I declare that you and Shyamvar Rai conspired together and made Sheena disappear. You made her disappear because you wanted her share of the property!)”Thursday’s hearing started up at 11 am sharp.The sessions court was still celebrating Bakri Eid best hermes replica.