They have no safeguards against losing their employment

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best hermes replica handbags We don’t have a fixed minimum wage for blue collar workers. Maids, watchmen, nannies, and labourers work long hours and are paid a pittance. They have no safeguards against losing their employment. Abdul Khaliq said that the electrical engineering students have been winners of PASHA ICT R Award for Student Project and several university level competitions like National Design, Build and Fly Competition (GIK Institute), EMCOT, COMPPEC, Mobilink best hermes replica handbags Super Engineer, SENTEC, National hermes bag replica Engineering Robotics Competitions and Robo Sprint.He said that our Business School students have done equally well in various university level competitions. Our BBA students have been winners of CASE SPARK, and NASCON. Also, students of CASE Business School have the honour of winning INVENT, the biggest Entrepreneurial Challenge Competition of Pakistan organized by IBA, Karachi where the prize money was Rs1,425,000 best hermes replica handbags.