You made a strong statement that you felt the scene was bad

Okay? How is that the CUSTOMER problem. Where i work is very hard too. I work HARD for my money. With an attack total identical to Nitocris with a bit more HP, Marie packs the best HP and Attack of any 4 Caster. As compensation, I say her generation stats aren too impressive, with her Arts gain totaling a little below the average for Casters, even with her territory creation taken into account. Add on the fact her NP gain is in the dumps to compensate for her high hit Arts, and her Extra and Quick won do much better.

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Women’s Swimwear I am not going to lie. I am on a big health and fitness kick right now. I want to lose weight before i stand up for my sister’s wedding. Nor did I boil your statement to mean that in anyway.Stop giving blanket excuses, and stop telling me, or anyone, that they simply aren allowed to be upset when a scene makes no sense or when people act out of character “because people are always dumb and no one is ever rational”.I didn say any of this. You made a strong statement that you felt the scene was bad and I tried to provide a counterpoint of why I thought the scene was good. That is how discussions work. Women’s Swimwear

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